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Alchemy //~ A seemingly magical process of creation & transformation.

Our goal and passion is turning your ventures and imagination into a functionally successful - spectacular presentation

At In2Alchemy we don’t tell you how to do your business; it is more as if we offer a basket filled with the world’s finest ‘Superfoods’ in the form of ideas, inspiration and state-of-the-art technology that will energize and thus empower your vision. We’ll guide you towards that which will be most beneficial for expanding your mission, nurturing the fruits of life from the seed of your dream with pure passion and vitality. We will help you bring your unique offering into your chosen marketplace. In other words, we know all life to be connected and as we help you extend the reach of your vision, more energy is generated to create new life and possibilities for the benefit of all. That new life may be in the form of a business venture, personal development, manifestation of dreams and anything you can imagine. Life enhancement is what we live for. Creativity is what we dream of. Technology is our toolkit. These, combined with YOU conjures the magic; this is ALCHEMY.

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ALCHEMY means combining elements in a seeming magical way so that the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts. It is about transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary. Our founder and Director Christian Gissing understands the difficulties facing new start up businesses, knowing first hand that for any new business to be successful, people have to be made aware of it’s existence, it’s essence, it’s story and positioning within the global market place. Understanding our government’s belief that new businesses fuel economic growth, he decided to specialise in this emerging market, forming a unique and dynamic web design company with experienced and highly innovative designers, trained to effectively launch any new business onto the vast internet network around the globe. In2Alchemy also offers a unique point of difference. Firstly, the ability to literally test drive a beta-version before committing financially. Secondly, speed; most sites can be finished in just 7-10 days. Finally, value. We are passionate about exceeding ourselves with every project and providing the most innovative and engaging material available on the internet at a very reasonable rate. We want you to succeed.

Christian Gissing

Founder / Digital Designer

Christian Gissing helps positively impact the effectiveness of individuals and corporate marketability through dynamically creative web marketing, design and development. He brings over 6 years of experience within his role as Founder and Managing Director of In2Alchemy, plus a degree in Business Studies; specializing in E-Business and Marketing.

  • Our mission is to create the extraordinary.

    Christian Gissing, Founder / Digital Designer

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  • A highly creative team of designers will endeavour to learn the true essence of your business, and together create the alchemy that should be truly extraordinary.

  • Imagine a business card where you can experience the true essence of any business, through the emotion of sound and vision, that is paperless and green, sent instantly from phone to phone and always at hand. Thats the VBC. A world apart.

  • Set yourself apart from the competition for the first time with the VCV which is not only visually stunning, dynamic, informative and highly professional, but incorporates a unique video presentation!

  • Visual and motion graphics created by the masters at Alchemy.

  • Branding is the true face of any company. Our goal is to create branding that is both visually dynamic, and unique , that will stimulate the senses and stand the test of time.

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